Luxury Vinyl

One of today’s most popular flooring options for those seeking value and durability above all else, is a category referred to as Luxury Vinyl.  These floors are not only beautiful, but they are able to withstand the extreme circumstances in today’s active home.  With a wide array of visuals including wood, stone, ceramic and many more, this category features a look to meet any design challenge.


Vinyl floors are credited as "with staying power" for a reason; not only are they fortuitous, stable floors that need effortless upkeep and maintenance, their layered texture gives them a smooth, malleable quality that is firmer than carpet and less cold than wood. These floors are resistant against blemishes, won't chip like tile or laminate flooring, and won't bloat if it contacts liquid like hardwood.


Vinyl can be installed above virtually all other variation of flooring without much effort, or installed over uneven subfloors. The firm, malleable consistency helps to prevent traveling sounds between areas in the home, unlike the noticeable din created by ceramic and porcelain. It also provides an extra layer of insulation, which helps to lower heating fees in the winter as well as cooling in the summer. The care needed to keep vinyl looking in good shape is uncomplicated; simply sweep away dust and dirt particles with a broom, and clean up any sticky spills with a damp mop.



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