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Luxury Vinyl Tile – Lake Orion, MI

Luxury Vinyl Tile

One of today’s most popular flooring options for those seeking value and durability above all else, is a category referred to as luxury vinyl. These floors are not only beautiful, but they are also able to withstand the extreme circumstances in today’s active home. With a wide array of visuals including wood, stone, ceramic and many more, this category features a look to meet any design challenge. Make us your choice for a premier selection of luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile has changed the idea of how vinyl can be used as flooring. This versatile flooring looks like more expensive materials such as ceramic or wood because of the 3D printing technology that is used to create it. The high-tech fabrication process for luxury vinyl tile gives each piece depth and realistic characteristics that mimic wood and tile. Other than its texture when you touch it, you will have a hard time telling the difference between luxury vinyl tile and the real thing.

The firm, malleable consistency of a luxury vinyl tile floor helps to prevent sounds from traveling between areas in the home. This is in stark contrast to the noise created by ceramic and porcelain. A luxury vinyl tile floor also provides an extra layer of insulation, which helps to lower utility bills for heating in the winter as well as cooling in the summer. 

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Decorating is Easy with Luxury Vinyl Tile

When you decide on natural flooring materials, you are stuck with them for what will probably be a long time. That is because it takes a lot of work and expense to replace wood, ceramic, and other natural flooring. On the other hand, luxury vinyl tile is easy to install and easy to replace. You can use it to create what looks like a ceramic floor this year, and change it to a floor that resembles hardwood next year.

Save time and effort on preserving the appearance of your floors by choosing luxury vinyl tile. This is a tough and stain resistant type of flooring that requires very little upkeep to retain its look. Its layered texture gives it a smooth, malleable quality that is firmer than carpet and more temperate than wood.

Luxury vinyl tile floors won't show blemishes and they won't chip like natural tile or laminate flooring. You don't have to worry about high humidity damaging luxury vinyl tile floors because they're resistant to water damage. In fact, it takes minimal general care to make sure vinyl looks beautiful. All you have to do is use a broom to sweep up dust and dirt, and use a damp mop to clean up any sticky spills.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Installation Done to Perfection

Many homeowners like to perform do-it-yourself projects, but you may not be one of them. This may lead to the question of who will install your new flooring. Your purchase includes complete luxury vinyl tile flooring installation from our professional installers. Because of its versatility, vinyl can be installed on top of just about any other type of flooring without much effort. Additionally, we have the skills to install luxury vinyl tile over uneven subfloors. When our work is completed, your new floors transform your home's entire interior.

Our expert flooring team has years of experience helping local clients find luxury vinyl flooring that suits their unique tastes. We take the time to listen to your needs and provide you with a professional recommendation that works with your lifestyle and budget. Our ultimate goal is to help you choose premium luxury vinyl tile that complements your new or existing home décor, adding a chic characteristic to your household. From bedrooms to kitchens to hallways, there are several options to consider!

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