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Waterproof Flooring

Few home renovations offer the same charm, look, and feel as new flooring in your home does. As a homeowner, you want to keep your floors looking their best for as long as possible. However, if you head an active household with foot and paw traffic in abundance, spills and stains are inevitable. When the demands of daily living in the company of children and pets present themselves, your flooring shouldn’t suffer as a result. For a flooring choice built to withstand the wear and tear of an active family, turn to our fully stocked showroom for waterproof flooring in Lake Orion, MI.

When you’ve got several housekeeping tasks on your plate, the last thing you’ll want to be concerned with is how well your flooring will fare with children and pets abound. At Northern Flooring & Interiors, you’ll find an abundance of our high-performance waterproof vinyl flooring, waterproof carpet, and several others ideal choices designed with active households in mind. We proudly offer a unique selection of flooring choices that are as attractive as they are practical. Visit our showroom to see an abundant assortment of waterproof floors in all colors, styles, and textures.

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Enjoy Our Impressive Selection of Waterproof Floors

With little ones taking occasional bumps and playful pets crashing and burning, you are bound to have accidents from time to time. When they occur, it’s comforting to have waterproof flooring that makes spills easy to handle. Give your space resilient flooring with the ability to stand up to the occasional mess and will continue to perform reliably throughout the years. At our expansive showroom, you’ll find an impressive array of water-resistant flooring choices that will surely offer breathtaking beauty no matter which room they’re featured in.

Homeowners can take advantage of our fashionable waterproof carpet flooring selections. These unique selections help repel stains while also remaining easy to clean. Available in a wide variety of colors and textures, our waterproof selections offer a comforting softness under feet and paws, all while retaining their exceptional performance.

Our waterproof vinyl flooring lends brilliant, breathtaking style to any room it’s featured in. Effortlessly withstanding the scuffs, scraps, and spills that come with everyday life, this type of flooring is the perfect choice for an active home. The premium choice for style and performance, our waterproof selections is impervious to cupping or warping. Simply share your aesthetic preferences with our friendly, knowledgeable associates, and we’ll provide you with recommendations from our extensive selections.

Your Trusted Team for Waterproof Flooring Installation

Our flooring showroom also offers professional installation services, so homeowners need not worry about having to turn to external contractors to install their floors. When you put your needs in our hands, you are sure to receive a comprehensive waterproof flooring installation. We aim to give our clients total peace of mind with their investment. No matter which moisture-prone area you intend to renovate, you can rest assured that our high-performance selections are sure to stand up strong for years to come. Schedule an estimate with our skilled technicians, and we’ll ensure your new flooring solution is perfectly placed.

Contact our specialists to learn more about our various waterproof flooring options. We proudly serve homeowners in Lake Orion, Oakland, Oxford, Rochester, and Rochester Hills as well as parts of Lapeer and Macomb counties.